A Richmond, Virginia Community

Yard of the Month Winners - Description of the Properties

April, 2017

April Yard of the month is the home of Lollie Keith and Frank Thompson at 3021 Scherer Drive. It was selected for its well-manicured lawn and the nice arrangement of azaleas around the dogwood; also , the shrubs and azaleas along the front of the house are always neatly trimmed.

July, 2017

July's winnerTs 2927 Scherer Drive. This home was selected for the beautiful lawn and the impeccably maintained shrubs that grow along the front of the house. The borders around the house and trees are all kept neatly defined making for an overall well maintained home.

September, 2017

The September YOM is 3313 Sherbrook Road – the home of Tom Fuller – and the neighbor of Sue Crews. Sue actually helps take care of his lawn as well – their yards flow together nicely – and she is the one who did the planting along the front of the house. We chose this home for also having such a beautiful green lawn and neat appearance.