A Richmond, Virginia Community

2830 E. Weyburn Road

The September yards of the month are 2830 E. Weyburn Road, home of Albert and Doris E. Loth, and 2838 E. Weyburn Road, home of Hank and Debra Artz. These two addresses were chosen because they demonstrate neighboring properties complementing one another. 2838 E. Weyburn, home of the Artzs, has a well kept appearance. Its most attractive feature is a beautiful wide garden bordering the driveway that is crammed with a wide variety of perennials, roses and annuals, which are all meticulously cultivated.

At the edge of 2830 E. Weyburn which adjoins the Artz residence, the Loths turned a section of their lot, where a tree had been removed, into a garden plot that edges the other side of the Artz's driveway so that the driveway is framed on both sides with flowers. This border contains Knockout roses, small box and other shrubs, all nicely mulched and healthy looking. The lawn has come through the heat of August in good condition. These neighboring properties make an attractive pair and add to the streetscape of E. Weyburn Road.