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Forest Hill Project Progresses

The project to widen and redesign Forest Hill Avenue between Stratford Hills Shopping Center and Powhite Parkway continues to progress. Oxford Civic Association President Trip Cash represented the neighborhood on the Stakeholders Committee which met twice with the engineering firm Stantec and city departments involved in the project. Trip reports that "the City and other folks involved could not have been any more cooperative, interested in what our concerns were and eager to find a workable solution to whateve our concerns or suggestions were."

The typical landscape section pictured is still not final, but does give a good idea of where the city plains are headed. Some of the details and options that are still being discussed are sidewalk and planting strip widths, paver type and colors, relocation of utilities, and reconfiguration of the Powhite ramp. Stakeholders also requested the formation of a Landscape Committee to review the tree and median landscape plans that the city is currently forming.

If you have any questions about the project, visit http://www.richmondgov.com/PublicWorks/ForesthHillImprovementProject.aspx or contact Project Manager Kevin Newcomb at 646-1847 or Kevin.Newcomb@richmondgov.com